Why use Locke & Associates?

Don't you wish your competition's people would call for an interview?
When we call, they are on the line.

Locke & Associates has a very strong network in environmental and engineering search consulting. By specializing in a particular industry, we develop an up-to-date market awareness to respond quickly and accurately to specific requests. You know where the right person is and so do we. They are working for your competition. Many times we can identify these candidates before the project even begins. The key to this system is to work with the client to attract the candidate and successfully close the desired candidate on the desired offer.

Over the years we have developed unique insights into reputations and track records of many talented professionals within their specialties. This means the time required to complete your search assignment can be reduced significantly.

We target candidates that have the skills and experience to quickly impact your bottom line.

We promise our candidates complete confidentiality, ensuring the trust that allows us to uncover any underlying motives and gauge how serious they are about considering a new opportunity. We discover what they do not have in their present position that they would want in their new position. Consequently, we dramatically reduce the amount of disappointment and wasted effort you experience in pursuing candidates who eventually reject your offers.

We also recruit practice groups and departments.

We are experts in our industry. With industry knowledge and strong candidate assessment skills, you are assured of a smooth, efficient and successful search.